Why Choose An Independent Mortgage Broker?

Why Choose An Independent Mortgage Broker?

Why use a mortgage broker?As your personal Mortgage Broker Terry Moore will find the best value mortgage for your needs and save you thousands of dollars.

Shopping for mortgages has changed over the years. Where as years ago you would go to the corner bank for your mortgage and settle for what ever product and rate given to you. Today you have numerous options. More lenders are available to each of us and they are competing for your mortgage. New products and features are being introduced continually to suit your needs.

Finding the best mortgage for your needs, at the best rate possible is almost impossible if you don’t have the time or resources to even find out who all the lenders are. And without the technical knowledge to understand the hundreds of products and their requirements in the market, the task can also be very daunting..

A Mortgage Broker Works For You, Not The Lenders…

A Mortgage broker works for you, not the lenders, offering you free unbiased advice. Using one application form and one credit check, we shop the lending market for the best mix of interest rate and mortgage benefits; all to meet your needs. We can sort through the dozens of lenders and their products in the time it takes you to book an appointment with your bank.

A Mortgage Broker can save you money, time, and of course, the mountains of frustration.