Many people think that the home purchase is the single largest expenditure most of us will make in our lifetime …… it isn’t! Your mortgage is!

Let’s cut that cost significantly with your best mortgage and interest rate.

Kelowna Mortgage BrokerPurchase Mortgage – Residential or Commercial
Whether you’re buying your first home, next home, or commercial property, let us help you answer any financial questions you have and allow us to locate the best mortgage solution for you. Making the right mortgage choice now will influence your net worth and your future lifestyle. We have over 50 different companies to draw from – both institutional and private lenders.

First Time Buyers
Buying your first home is an exciting time and a potentially expensive one too. But there is help available. Some lenders recognize that first time home buyers might not have been able to save for all the costs involved with buying a first home. These lenders can offer a mortgage with no down payment required. Some conditions will need to be matched to qualify.

The Provincial Government also offers to a first time home buyer that you don’t have to pay the Provincial property transfer tax which calculates out as 1% for the first $200,000 and 2% for the remainder if the property value is under $375,000. (see “useful info” for further details).

The Federal Government offers a program for buyers with RRSP’s. Property buyer(s) can use up to $20,000 each from their RRSP’s towards the purchase or build of a home allowing the repayment to your RRSP account over the next 15 years. (see “usefully info”)

Pre-Approvals and Rate- Holds
Getting pre-approved for a mortgage should be your first step towards home ownership. It’s usually the first thing a realtor asks if you’ve arranged. A pre-approved mortgage puts your financing in place for you, establishing a maximum expenditure at a secured rate of interest for a specified time frame.

Eliminate the stress of trying to find some financing after you find your dream home. Find out now what you can afford, and what price range you should be looking at.

Rate Holds
Pre-approvals are different from Rate Holds. A rate hold will secure that interest rate for you for a specific time frame, with out completing the qualifying process for a mortgage. If you think the interest rate is about to go up and/or not sure of the type of mortgage product that you will need, this is quick way to secure that rate while you complete the necessary paper work and find your perfect property.

Is your mortgage up for renewal? Your current lender will send a mortgage renewal notice to you just before your mortgage matures – but don’t be too quick to sign that renewal offer. Too many people simply sign on the dotted line and send it back. But how do you know if they are offering you their best rate, or simply counting on you to renew with them for convenience? Most of the time it’s the banks posted rate – not the best rate – and a mortgage product that may not suit your current needs.

You’re not negotiating from a position of strength if you just sign the bank renewal. Let us have lenders compete for your business and help you acquire the best mortgage product at the best interest rate.

Refinancing replaces your existing mortgage loan with a new mortgage or lender. You can save thousands of dollars with a different product better suited to your requirements. Refinancing also allows you the option of taking some equity out of you home for other purposes. Consolidate your debts/ credit cards, eliminate some money worries, free up some equity to buy another investment, or take that trip you always wanted. You can combine your debts with your existing mortgage with only one monthly payment.

Debt Consolidation and Equity Take Out
With equity in your home, you can claim some of that money and put it to work in other ways. Consolidating your debts, or other investments, into your existing mortgage will result in only one monthly payment at a much lower interest rate. You save a substantial amount of money compared to those other high interest loans and credit cards.

Self – Employed
Self-Employed persons typically have difficulty proving personal income. Some lenders recognize this and will allow a mortgage with a “declared income letter” as long as you can show you are self-employed and have an OK credit history.

Damaged Credit and Bankruptcy
Everyone at one time has caused themselves some sort of credit damage from various reasons. The banks may not help you but some lenders will help you to renew your existing mortgage or a new mortgage for your home purchase. There are options!

“If you need a Mortgage, we’ll find you the best financing solution.”