Check List

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With the following information we can approve your mortgage with Verico Complete Mortgage Services more quickly:

Offer to purchase
Copy of the listing
Signed mortgage application
Verification of income for 2 years


  • an employment letter stating position, length of time on the job & salary and name/ telephone number of employer
  • previous years T4 slip(s)
  • verification of no outstanding personal taxes owed to Gov't
  • (self employed! Ask us – as requirements will vary with lender)
  • Title insurance, if required ($250)
  • Appraisal cost, if required ($321)
Verification of downpayment and closing costs


  • gift letter and copy of deposit to account or account print out showing deposit
  • copy of offer to purchase on sale
  • copy of passbook or 3 months of bank statements
  • copy of RRSP or investment statement
  • closing cost are estimated at 1.5 percent of cost of property
Void cheque from which mortgage payments will be drawn
For mortgage transfers or switches:
Copy of fire insurance
Copy of mortgage document
Copy of mortgage renewal
Copy of paid tax notice (mortgage statement)
Copy of property assessment

(Costs are an estimate and can differ depending on service provider.)